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Preparing your sheet music

Do not use plastic sheet protectors. These can make the pages reflect light, making it hard for the accompanist to see, as well as making it slippery to turn pages. What you want to do it tape the corners of your pages together, back to back, and three hole punch the pages themselves. Tutorial coming!

Put your music in a three ring binder.

Properly mark your music for your accompanist. Any markings for the accompanist should be made and highlighted. Clearly mark your 16 bar cut and your 32 bar cut. You may also have 3 separate print outs: 16-bar, 32-bar, and full versions cut printed for each school. Don’t forget to

Include an intro. Include a two or four bar intro for each song and mark it clearly in the music, making sure that the introduction leads clearly and naturally to your entrance. The measures of introduction do not count in the 32-bars you will be singing. Write the title of the song at the top of the page, along with the time signature. (University of Michigan)

Be Nice to your Accompanist. Always say hello at the beginning, look them in the eye, smile. Say thank you at the end.

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